Building the Best Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment for Over Forty Years
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Your Challenge

To precision clean electronic stampings using an aqueous cleaning machine with a lean manufacturing cellular work station.


How We Solve It


Using a VAR Model, a Vertical Agitation Parts Washer, or a Lean Clean 360-1 Ultrasonic Model, a Lean Clean 360 Parts Washer with a rotating cellular basket washer, a 40 kHz tubular ultrasonic wash, coalescing oil separator, and micron filtration. 


  1. An immersion wash with submerged high pressure spray
  2. An ultrasonic wash
  3. An immersion rinse with submerged high pressure spray
  4. An ultrasonic rinse
  5. A final fresh rinse
  6. Finishes with a recirculating hot-air drying cycle


  • Eliminates solvent process
  • Closed loop wash and rinse cycle, creating less waste
  • Ultrasonics allow for a shorter cycle time