Building the Best Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment for Over Forty Years
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Your Challenge

To clean aluminum, brass, and steel inserts and high volume screw machine parts with a machine that will replace auger style washing and hand washing operations to improve quality.

How We Solve It

Machine Type:


Using a Vertical Agitation with Basket Rotation with an automatic chip removal system, an evaporation system for zero discharge and automated handling with loading and unloading. Parts cycle through a prewash with submerged spray, an ultrasonic wash, two counter flow rinses, an optional rust prevention, and a multi-station rotation basket drying.

  • Cycle:
    1. Prewash with submerged spray
    2. Ultrasonic wash
    3. Counter flow rinse
    4. Counter flow rinse
    5. Rust prevent with programmable skip for aluminum and brass
    6. Multi station rotating basket dryer


This machine efficiently improves output and eliminates customer rejects of undesirably processed parts.