Building the Best Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment for Over Forty Years
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Engineering Expertise

Jensen Fabrication Engineers (Jenfab) has been the industry leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing aqueous parts washers for over 50 years. The Highly skilled Engineering staff uses state of the art technology and software to ensure our equipment preforms at a level unparalleled in the industry.

We partner with our customers to understand their applications, requirements, objectives, and constraints. Then we design custom aqueous parts washing equipment that provides a cost-effective and practical solution to meet these requirements.

Our control systems incorporate programmable logic controllers (PLCs), digital and analog communication, easy to use touch screens and controls, Ethernet connectivity to allow easy trouble shooting with minimal down time.

The experience of our Mechanical Design and Engineering team allows us to offer an extensive line of standard equipment with proven track records as well as highly customized pieces of one off equipment designed to meet the most stringent of cleanliness specifications.

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