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Your Challenge

To replace solvent degreaser with aqueous cleaning and clean aluminum, titanium and steel aerospace screw machine fasteners, two baskets per cycle and 80 baskets per hour with complete drying.

How We Solve It


Using a VAR 30 Model, a Vertical Agitation Aqueous Parts Washer with basket rotation, in all tanks and above each tank to drain prior to transfers, automatic chip collection, two coalescing oil removal systems, four filtration systems and rotating basket dryer. Parts go through two wash and rinse cycles, and a rust prevention and multi stage dry cycle cleaning two baskets every 90 seconds (80 baskets per hour).


  • High volume production machine cleans two baskets every 90 seconds
  • Wash/wash/rinse/rinse/rust prevent/multi stage dry
  • Powerful under water submerged spray system with automatic chip collection
  • Two coalescing oil removal systems
  • Four filtration systems


This machine replaces bulky solvent degreaser systems with a smaller, fully automated aqueous machine that cleans parts more effectively.