Building the Best Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment for Over Forty Years
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Your Challenge

To clean steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum precision electronic screw machine parts in existing customer pans, 90 baskets per hour.

How We Solve It



Using a 30-Ultrasonic Model, a Vertical Agitation Ultrasonic Parts Washer with a rotation system, automatic chip collection in wash tanks, a coalescing oil removal system, and recirculating hot air convection dryer. Parts go through a prewash, an ultrasonic wash, two counter flow rinse cycles, a final rinse and rust inhibiting rinse, and a rotating basket drying cycle.



This machine has the option to skip rust inhibit cycles when brass and aluminum components are being processed, has zero discharge when UF and RO systems are integrated, and no larger than .005” particles are left after processing and parts are cleaned to a .0002 micron level per 10 components.