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Your Challenge

To clean glass tubes after cutting operations and prior to forming processes with a machine that will offer a precision clean and dry, processing three baskets every minute, and 180 baskets per hour.

How We Solve It



Using an all stainless steel VA Immersion Washer with automated handling for loading and unloading using a mass transfer system, Micron solution filtration, and an energy efficient HEPA air filtration drying system. Parts go through a turbulent jet wash, an ultrasonic wash, two ultrasonic counter flow rinses, an ultrasonic slow pull rinse, and a recirculating air drying cycle.


This machine processes a higher volume of parts with the automation and material handling system than ‘mass transfer’ and ‘automated hoist’ systems and can process coating with the slow pull tank cycle.

Processes higher volume of parts than mass transfer and robotic hoist systems with an automation and material handling system and slow-pull tank for coat process