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Your Challenge

A machine that will process six baskets, per hour, of needle rollers, cages, and races by removing oil, grinding swarf, and chips prior to assembly.

How We Solve It

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Using a Lean Clean 360-1 Ultrasonic Parts Washer with cellular rotating baskets, 25 kHz tubular ultrasonic cleaning, coalescing oil separator, micron filtration and a recirculating hot-air dryer that can dry dense loads of needle rollers at 180°F in less than three minutes. Parts go through an immersion wash with a submerged high pressure spray, an ultrasonic wash, an immersion rinse with a submerged high pressure spray, an ultrasonic rinse, a fresh rinse, and a drying cycle.


This machine has a faster drying cycle that processes twice as many baskets per hour as competitor lean cell washers while having a lean cellular design 3’ by 5’ footprint.