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Your Challenge

  • Final precision clean, rust prevent and dry assembled air craft bearings prior to packaging
  • Meet stringent Millipore and Milligram specifications
  • Design to fit into work cells and eliminate transport to and from central cleaning area

To have assembled air craft bearings go through a final precision clean, rust prevention and dry prior to packaging that meets stringent Millipore and milligram specifications and is designed to fit into work cells and eliminate transportation to and from cleaning areas.

How We Solve It

Machine Type:

Rotating basket parts washer with Ultrasonics and Jenfab’s unique basket rocking feature allowing basket to oscillate either side of center for more aggressive Ultrasonic cleaning


Using a Lean Clean 360-1 Sonic model with a rotating basket washer, JENFAB’s unique basket rocking feature that allows basket to oscillate from side to side for a more aggressive ultrasonic cleaning, micron filtration, an ultrasonic (25kHz) immersion wash and rinse with high-pressure submerged spray followed by a fresh water rinse and complete dry cycle.

  • Cycle:
    1. Immersion wash with high pressure submerged spray
    2. Ultrasonic wash
    3. Immersion rinse with high pressure submerged spray
    4. Ultrasonic rinse
    5. Fresh rinse
    6. Super dry


This machine reduces process times and delays caused by central cleaning systems, produces cleaner parts compared to solvent systems and fits into a specified work cell of 3’ by 5’ footprint.