Building the Best Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment for Over Forty Years
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Your Challenge

To remove machine coolant and chips with a precision clean that finishes with a complete drying cycle, has a machine load operator at one end and an unload area for assembly on a minimal floor space machine.

How We Solve It

Machine Type:


Using a model VCC-300, vertically lean Vertical Chain Conveyor with a coalescing oil separator and machine front load, and rear unload. Parts go through an immersion wash with a submerged spray and high volume turbulence, a rust inhibit immersion with high volume tabulation, a complete drying cycle.

  • Immersion wash with Directed Submerged Spray and high volume turbulation
  • Immersion rust inhibit with high volume turbulation
  • Super dry, prior to assembly
  • Coalescing oil separator


With a vertical design this machine will save floor space while exceeding cleaning specifications at 4-6 parts per minute.