Aqueous Cleaning For Aerospace Parts – Aerospace parts have several exotic materials and more complex shaped parts. It can be challenging to find the proper solution to thoroughly clean all the unique parts as well as meet specific regulations. Aerospace requires more effective cleaning and this article will describe how aqueous cleaning can benefit the aerospace field.

Aqueous Cleaning For Aerospace Parts

Water Based Cleaners For Aircraft Bearings 

Cleaning aircraft bearings can be challenging because you’ll have to meet stringent Millipore and Milligram specifications. The parts must have a final precision clean to help prevent rust and dry assembled aircraft bearings before the packaging process. They should be designed to fit into work cells and eliminate transportation to and from cleaning areas. Aqueous cleaning washers clean and dry the parts thoroughly so your aerospace parts meet these specific regulations. 

Precision Cleaning For Fuel Filter Cages 

Fuel filter cages for aircraft engines need to be cleaned by removing oil, cut-off chips, and dust and dirt. The parts need to be cleaned in two baskets every eight minutes and need to use sixteen baskets per hour with a low profile machine. Aqueous cleaners can help with the process as they wash and rinse the parts with immersion and submerged high-pressure spray and finish with a complete dry, using recirculating hot-air dryer. 

Aqueous Parts Washer To Clean Aircraft Fasteners

The challenging part to cleaning aircraft fasteners is that you need to clean aluminum, titanium and steel aerospace screw machine fasteners with two baskets per cycle and 80 baskets per hour with complete drying. An aqueous parts washer benefits aerospace cleaning with basket rotation in all tanks and above each tank to drain prior to transfers and with an automatic chip collection basket. Parts go through two wash and rinse cycles, rust prevention and multi-stage dry cycle cleaning two baskets every 90 seconds. 

Utilize Automatic Parts Washers For Engine Components

The challenge in cleaning engine components is to remove silicone and splatter from formed high-nickel strips and complex shapes after laser piercing and welding processes. With several aqueous washers available, you can rest assured that we offer a machine specifically to meet these cleaning regulations. An aqueous washer with a four tank, solution filtration, power spray system, high volume aqueous solution rinse and smart water management that uses single water source will work best for the engine component cleaning process.