Many companies are seeking alternative methods for a more productive and safer parts cleaning process. With several hazardous solvents that are toxic to the air, pose a threat to worker safety, and take too much time away from production, a safer solution is highly sought after. Many companies are converting to aqueous cleaning to reduce costs and regulatory requirements while reducing the hazards of waste disposal, air emissions, and worker safety.

Improve Economical Benefits With Precision Cleaning

Aqueous cleaning systems are water based cleaners that are nonflammable and nonhazardous with minimal to no volatile organic compounds. This makes the solution safer for workers as well as the environment, especially compared to other options such as petroleum the leaves a toxic smell in the air and can be a dangerous and complicated disposal process. Petroleum and chlorinated solvents contain chemicals that may be toxic if inhaled or may increase the risk of cancer. According to Thurston County Business Pollution Prevention Program, aqueous cleaning products are water based cleaners that, unlike petroleum solvents, are nonflammable and non-hazardous. Instead of dissolving grease, aqueous parts washer units utilize heat, pressurized water, soap action, and agitation to break up dirt and grease. Several businesses are switching to water cleaning systems not only because they offer a safer environment but also because they clean just as effectively as other cleaning solution options as well.  

Increased Productivity With Aqueous Part Washers 

Cleaning parts with metal chips and oily residue takes a elongated amount of time to clean. However, with aqueous cleaning solutions and the proper machine for the specific materials that need cleaning, the time can typically be cut down to less than 20 minutes compared to hours of soaking with solvent cleaner tanks. They also minimize the risks and liability of toxic waste disposal, which in turn, reduces the risk of worker accidents while trying to dispose of the chemicals. Aqueous part washers increase productivity because each are equipped with the proper washing and drying system so the parts never have to be rewashed or air dried. Also, Jensen Fabrication offers automatic parts washers that allow for the worker to start the machine, work on other tasks and come back when the process is finished. This gives more time for workers to multi-task and efficiently accomplish their duties at a reasonable time, which will also help reduce labor costs.