Are you still washing shop parts by hand?

Stop! Wash more efficiently and safely with Avenger. Our automatic top-loading parts-washing system saves you time and gets the job done right. 


Compact, powerful automatic parts washer.

Tired of washing your parts by hand? Step it up with superior cleaning power from the Jenfab Avenger. Top-loading and automatic, this compact washer saves you time and money.

We have fast shipping: Have it up and working in 10 days from ordering.

Ideal for small shops.

Avenger is great for small shops, automotive service facilities and work cell cleaning operations that want to save on time, labor and cost. The durable, stainless-steel lift-up lid and wash basin won’t rust. Our unique sprocket-driven turntable prevents wear and tear. Don’t waste time with messy sinks anymore, Avenger has your parts covered. 

Key Benefits of the Avenger

  • Small, compact, and portable.
  • Easy to operate – no training required.
  • No belts or drive chains to replace.
  • Built-in fluid strainer extends cleaning solution life of your cleaning solution. 
  • Soaking reservoir for small parts.
  • No-mess drip tray.
  • Environmentally sound disposal of oil easy.
  • Fast shipping – get a unit within 10 days.

Financing available. Buy your parts washer now, and pay over time!


Play Video

Check out the video to the left for yourself if you want to hear from someone who has used the Avenger to clean parts and what the Avenger can accomplish. 

Ryan does a nice job describing the Avenger and how this affordable turn table based machine can save your shop time and money.   

Concerned about spending capital right now? Jenfab is focused on helping our customers succeed so we are offering very affordable monthly leasing options on all models of the Avenger.