When deciding the best parts washing water cleaning system to suit your industry’s needs, it’s important to also look into aqueous parts washer manufacturers and what they offer. It’s one thing to sell a precision cleaning system and another to not only sell but know each system inside and out. How effective are these machines and how do you know they can offer you the clean you need? In this post, we will dig deeper into what aqueous cleaning offers and how your facility can benefit from an aqueous washer provider offering in-house testing.

Aqueous Cleaners for Parts Washing Industries

Many companies are seeking alternative methods for a more productive and safer parts cleaning process. With several hazardous solvents that are toxic to the air, pose a threat to worker safety, and take too much time away from production, a safer solution is highly sought after. Many companies are converting to aqueous cleaning to reduce costs and regulatory requirements while reducing the hazards of waste disposal, air emissions, and worker safety.

Aqueous solutions are water based cleaners that, unlike petroleum based solvents, are typically nonflammable and contain little or no VOCs. Instead of dissolving grease and solids, aqueous cleaners rely on heat, agitation, and soap action to break dirt into smaller particles. Although they clean differently, aqueous cleaners perform as well as solvents. By using oil skimming and filters, cleaning solutions can last indefinitely if they are properly maintained. Some solvents can even leave grease and oil on the parts requiring them to be washed again but an aqueous parts washer cleans them fully right away so the process doesn’t have to be repeated, losing time and money. Most of these water based cleaners also dry the parts so when they come out they are fully cleaned and ready to use. 

In-House Testing From Jenfab

How clean is clean when your parts washer provider describes their water based cleaners? The first step in selecting a precision cleaning system is for the potential equipment supplier to properly analyze the application and the contaminated workpiece. Laboratory testing will then determine the process parameters. This is critical as upstream manufacturing processes, production rates, type of contamination, workpiece base material and geometry all have a significant effect on how to clean and what type of equipment is required.  Jenfab offers in-house testing so you can ensure your machine is working at full capacity and with the added benefit of getting everything you need all in one place. With in-house testing you can rest assured knowing that your aqueous washer provider understands their water cleaning systems inside and out. With an in-house testing lab you’ll be given quality, performance, safety and technological leadership from the people who understands their machines the best.

Jenfab | Aqueous Cleaning Systems

JenFab’s comprehensive aqueous cleaning product line ranges from small-footprint cellular washes, to large, fully automated vertical agitation, rotation or spray-immersion washers and conveyor parts washers. The aqueous cleaners can also be equipped with a wide variety of options, such as chip collection baskets, chip removal, oil skimming or oil coalescing, and high volume filtration. The result is 100% clean and dry parts, with higher throughput than competing systems.