Testing Services – As a facility that requires parts cleaning, you want the right parts washer that is effective and efficient. Aqueous solutions have provided organizations with enhanced cleaning methods that also save time, money and provide a safe work environment. However, how do you know your aqueous parts washer has the qualifications you need? The machines need to be analyzed by professionals who can test every vital component to ensure your machine is working to it’s full potential. An in-house testing facility by your parts washer provider offers several benefits to ensure you get the best possible service for your facility needs.

Benefits Of In-House Testing 

Shipping costs can be expensive for just about anything but especially if the product is purchased from one place and then needs testing from another. Having a facility that can do it all helps you save money and the time it takes for completion.

Additionally, you can rest assure knowing that the facility testing your parts washer understands every functionality of the aqueous machine and will be able to ensure the highest quality service. Knowing that the testing facility is associated with the same manufacturer should provide customers the comfort level they need to make intelligent decisions concerning cleaning equipment.

Aqueous Testing Services 

A testing facility should require the appropriate examination materials to ensure everything is tested correctly.Jenfab’s in-house testing capabilities have the ability to:

  • Preform a fully automated particle count and sizing for particles as small as 10 micron for soil analysis and to verify cleanliness achievement.
  • Preform fiber detection and measurement, and have the capability to have a separate particle and fiber count.
  • Differentiate between metallic and non-metallic contaminants.
  • Measure the total molecular weight of the part soils and debris both before and after cleaning.
  • ISO compliant analysis and reporting.
  • The system incorporates a high resolution digital color camera for documentation along with a detailed report for QC.
  • System documentation for certification of calibration for full traceability.

JRI also has the capability to test clean your parts to make sure your washer provides a thorough clean that meets regulations as well as saves you time on having to rewash the parts.

Make sure your aqueous parts washer is tested by the people who know the machines best.