Chip buildup on parts can be a costly and time-consuming issue for industries that require parts washing. Parts accumulate oil and grease over time but they also start to collect chips, which can affect the functionality of the parts and interfere with the facility’s time, money and regulations that need to be met. Check out this article to better understand why chip removal and collection are important components to the parts cleaning process. 

Chip Removal With Aqueous Cleaning 

Chip removal can be challenging, especially when needing to thoroughly clean complex parts of various sizes. According to Production Machining, contamination takes on a variety of forms, each of which requires a specific cleaning mechanism for effective removal. Furthermore, these contaminants are found on parts having various compositions and shapes, which requires that the cleaning mechanism be applied in a particular way to be effective. Small flakes and chips left on parts that are needed for systems such as engines or manufacturing machines can result in those systems failing or breaking. However, with the right parts washer that utilizes an effective and safe solution such as aqueous cleaning, you’ll have a thorough clean that is able to remove all oils, grease and chips. This can help to improve productivity as you don’t need to repeatedly rewash parts to achieve a complete clean that meets specific regulations that most industries are required to accomplish. 

Part Washers With Chip Collection

Chip collection is important for the waste disposal process and ensuring all chips have been successfully and completely washed from parts. Having an application such as a chip collection basket will allow for the user to see all the chips that have been removed and separated from the leftover waste. Chip collection will result in a more thorough clean with the evidence to back it up. When researching which aqueous parts washer is best for your business, look for added applications that can improve the parts cleaning process to save you time and money. 

Jenfab | Aqueous Cleaning 

JenFab’s comprehensive aqueous cleaning product line ranges from small-footprint cellular washes, to large, fully automated vertical agitation, rotation or spray-immersion washers and conveyor washers. The part washers can also be equipped with a wide variety of options, such as chip collection baskets, chip removal, oil skimming or oil coalescing, and high volume filtration. The result is 100% clean and dry parts, with higher throughput than competing parts washing systems. 

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