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Chief Commercial Officer

John W. Davidson has been a member of the Jenfab Cleaning Solutions team in differing capacities since 2011. As chief commercial officer, John ensures the customer-facing Jenfab team understands the needs and expectations of clients. His goal is to have Jenfab deliver the best possible partnership experience in the custom aqueous cleaning industry: from the conceptual birth of a project to years after initial delivery and installation.

During his time at Jenfab, John has been involved in production, lab and testing, quality, and sales capacities. His first client-facing role came several years ago while serving as a sales engineer. He developed process solutions for difficult applications through lab testing in different cleaning equipment. This foundation provided him with a strong understanding of the relationship between cleaning methods and chemistries and their role in achieving tight cleanliness specifications.

John graduated from Missouri Southern State University with degrees in International Business and Communications.

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