Choosing An Aqueous Parts Washer – It’s a tough pill to swallow: effective parts washers aren’t exactly cheap; however, from a financial standpoint, a new aqueous parts washer has a high return on investment. If you are looking for an aqueous parts washer for your shop or manufacturing facility, there are several key points to consider that can make the process more profitable and less stressful. This post discusses factors you should consider before purchasing an aqueous parts washer.

Choosing An Aqueous Parts Washer

Will It Help To Increase Productivity?

For any business, regardless of size, time equals money. Obviously, you don’t want to waste your employee’s time (which you must pay for) by having them spend countless minutes cleaning parts when they have other tasks to complete. A fast and efficient machine will make for a more efficient workplace.

When you are researching parts washers, consider productivity, which refers to how fast the parts washer cleans and whether or not your part is holding up to the cleaning process. Many business owners assume that an automatic cleaner will always be the correct choice, but sometimes that is not the case.

Automatic cleaners can take between 5-45 minutes, meaning that your parts may not be accessible while they are being cleaned. So, if it turns out that you need a certain piece of equipment, you will have to wait until it has been cleaned. Basically, it’s important to consider whether you need an automatic or manual parts cleaner, which could result in less time spent than an automatic washer. Really, it depends on what you’re cleaning!

Will It Negatively Impact The Environment?

Inherently, if a machine uses chemicals and other various substances to clean your parts, it could affect the environmental situation in and out of your facility. Make sure you research best practices for when you dispose of certain hazardous materials. This isn’t only prudent; it could save you from causing an environmental problem as well as a legal problem. Plus, it’s beneficial to have a basic understanding of the chemicals your employees will be handling.

Does It Contribute To A Safer Workplace?

As we mentioned, some materials that are used in certain parts washers are not good for the environment; however, they can also present a dangerous situation, if your employees do not know how to properly handle them. You have to be very careful where you place your parts washer if it uses a flammable cleaning solution. Essentially, the less hazardous these materials are, the safer your entire building will be.

Convenience Is Key

Alright, we’ll admit it: this is very similar to the idea of “time is money.” But it’s still important to consider finding equipment that makes it easy for you and your staff to move in and out of the cleaning process without disrupting their regular work tasks. The design ,operation, and location of your machine can be of great importance if you are concerned about convenience. For example, you will want to make sure that a prospective parts washer will not only fit properly in your facility, but that it also fits the flow of your operation.

Are You Purchasing From A Reputable Company?

If and when you need service after the sale, you want to make sure that you are working with a company that you can depend on to keep your machine running smoothly no matter what happens.

Note: We understand that it can be difficult to choose a parts washer for your business, after all, there are several different types of parts washer, which all use different cleaning methods. If you would like more information on picking out the best parts washer to meet your needs, check out this blog post.

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