Maximize Aqueous Solution – As a company that wants the most from their parts cleaning process, it’s important to maximize the aqueous solution life. This will help to maintain productivity, save money and provide your facility with the most effective clean parts. This article discusses ways to maximize your aqueous solution life to keep your workforce functioning at the highest quality.  

Batch Parts Washing 

To maximize the solution, it will help if you clean as many parts as you can together rather than one per cycle. If you do not need a certain part right away, try and wait until you have as many parts as the washer will allow and clean them all together for the most effective clean. This will help save you money on disposal and the amount of aqueous solution you’ll need to purchase. Batching parts washing depends on the aqueous parts washer because some are made to clean one large part at a time or several parts all at once. For the machines that are meant to clean several parts, try and save up all the parts before washing so as to not waste any solution if not necessary. However, effective aqueous cleaners do not typically require batching parts washing because they quickly and manually clean your parts with minimal waste. 

Utilize Oil Coalescing

According to Colorado Department Of Public Health, oil skimmers remove free-floating oil from the solution, reducing the amount of oil residuals left on parts and significantly extending solution life. This element can be added on to your parts washer for a more efficient clean. Adding an oil coalescing system can remove up to 98% of non-emulsified oil globules as small as 20 microns in size. The cleaning solution is fed from the wash tank to the oil coalescing system. The oil is separated out and the clean solution is simply return to the wash tank. Prevent the parts from becoming re-contaminated by skimming the tank surface for a thorough clean so when the parts arise to the surface no oil is left to contaminate the parts. Oil coalescing can maximize the aqueous solutions life because you will not have to keep re-cleaning parts for a thorough and efficient clean. 

Test Solution Concentration

It’s vital to always check your solution concentration to know you are maintaining the most efficient clean at the most effective cleaning strength. Perform chemical additions as needed to maintain the cleaning strength of the solution. According to Colorado Department Of Public Health, some vendors offer easy-to-use test kits to measure the concentration of the solution and determine when chemical additions are necessary. It’s important to maximize your aqueous solution life by testing the strength so you can ensure you are receiving the best clean at all times.  

Change Solution When Necessary  

To keep your parts washer in the best condition, it’s important you change out the solution when necessary. This will keep your machine functioning longer to keep up with productivity and efficiency. However, you also do not need to change the solution too often. If your solution is still adequately cleaning your parts, you do not need to immediately change out the solution. Talk to your aqueous parts washer provider to come up with an effective method of maximizing not only the solution life but your parts washer functionality as well.