immersion cleaning systems

By combining both spray under immersion and a jet spray wash, the Incline Cleaning System (ICS) is the perfect machine for small parts cleaning.

With the ICS, parts are fed into the front opening where they are washed in a spray under immersion bath before traveling up the conveyor belt to be further spray cleaned. The parts are then rinsed or blown off and exit the back of the system into a container supplied by the end user.

When compared to other cleaning technologies, the ICS system is also compact, which means it won’t take up valuable floor space and is ideal for cellular cleaning.

If oil control is a consideration for your parts washer,Jenfab offers the perfect solution for your needs. Our optional oil coalescer effectively removes oil from parts while the machine is in operation and extends the life of your cleaning solution by filtering and recycling it back into the system. Or, you may choose aJenfab oil skimmer to remove heavier oils when the machine is not in use.

With several additional options to choose from and a compact design, the ICS is an ideal solution for custom, small parts washing.

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