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LeanClean 360-Jumbo

The Jenfab Lean Clean 360-8 and Lean Clean 360-8 Jumbo are ergonomically designed Front Loading Rotating Basket Parts Washers. All Lean Clean machines are stainless steel construction and standard with wash, rinse and Dry cycles and use environmentally safe Aqueous … Continue reading LeanClean 360-Jumbo

LeanClean 360-8

The LeanClean 360-8 is designed to process eight baskets per cycle either standard Kaydon/Edge 12″ x 18″ x 6″ baskets or four Jenfab stainless baskets 12″ x 20″ x 8″, which hold more than three times the volume of the … Continue reading LeanClean 360-8

LeanClean 360-4

The Jenfab LeanClean 360-4 model cleans four baskets side by side at the same time. This provides better cleaning, rinsing, and drying as well as faster, more efficient loading than baskets that are stacked on top of each other, two … Continue reading LeanClean 360-4

LeanClean 360-2

The LeanClean 360-2 model cleans two baskets side by side at the same time. This provides thorough, more efficient cleaning, rinsing, and drying as well as easier loading than baskets which are stacked atop one another. The Jenfab LeanClean 360-2 … Continue reading LeanClean 360-2

LeanClean 360-1

The LeanClean 360-1 is a front loading rotating basket industrial parts washer designed to clean one basket of parts at a time. It is ideal for general parts washing as well as precision cleaning of screw machine pars, CNC machined … Continue reading LeanClean 360-1