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120V Oil Skimmer Motor



Is your oil skimmer’s motor for your parts washer machine on the rocks? Look no further for a replacement. Our 120V AC oil skimmer motor is designed to meet the demands of industrial parts washer applications. This 120V shaded pole AC gear_motor is compatible with standard oil skimmer styles. With a 35.0 in-lb. torque and 6.9 RPM, the industrial A/C motor provides reliable and strong performance. It’s a premium replacement motor for when your old one bites the dust. Shop now for our top-quality industrial parts and components.

Recommended Product Replacement:
To ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your industrial parts washer, we recommended referring to this article for expert advice on recommended upgrades and replacements.

Shipping Information:
Please note that shipping costs for our products are manually invoiced and will be added to your total purchase amount. Once payment on the invoice clears, we will ship out your products within 2 business days. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Parts Washer Machine Compatibility:
Our products are designed to work seamlessly with our parts washers and custom cleaning solutions. If you have any questions or concerns about compatibility, please don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team for assistance.

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