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Automated Loading Systems

Totally Automatic Systems Minimize Labor Costs

The system is totally automated and comes with integrated conveyance. This PLC-controlled system has been developed over the past 45 years to provide continuous, trouble free operation.

LeanClean Automation

Automation to auto load and auto unload the LeanClean 360-2 and 360-4: Two (2) or Four (4) baskets-frames sized 12 “x 20” x 8” Tall will be auto loaded and unloaded per cycle. Items to be supplied include

  • Enlarge process chamber to accept automation
  • Pneumatic Cylinder to automatically open/close load door
  • Pressurize load door in the closed position to prevent leaking
  • A 304SS 11 gauge frame to accept four baskets-frames
  • Pneumatic cylinder to pull Auto frame into process chamber and push frame from the process chamber after the Wash/Rinse/Dry Cycle
  • Guides to position Auto Frame in Process Chamber and for in and out Positioning
  • 6’ foot power load conveyor to accept basket with lids and dirty parts
  • Escapements to allow loading of baskets one at a time into the auto load frame
  • 6’ foot power unload conveyor to accept basket with lids containing clean parts, powered roller staging conveyor beneath auto load frame to position basket at loading and transport clean baskets away from Auto frame after process cleaning.
LeanClean 360-4 with Automated Loading System LeanClean 360-4 with Automated Unloading System

For VAR and VA Systems:

Power-Feed Conveyor:

Operator places baskets on the powered feed conveyor and it carries the baskets into the machine one at a time as the machine indexes.


Carriers for smaller baskets can be provided and built to hold customer baskets. Quotes for baskets are to be made after (1) viewing drawings or examples of standard customer baskets and (2) discussing basket design. Note that maximum carrier dimensions cannot exceed proposed basket size.

Basket Transfer Mechanism:

For over forty years, Jenfab’s basket-transfer system has been proven to be dependable, reliable, and virtually maintenance free, whether the baskets were standard or custom-design, small or large, single or multiple. The transfer mechanism uses a one-piece frame that advances all baskets from tank to tank in a single, smooth stroke. Powered by a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder, it is guided precisely by two pairs of 2 inch-diameter, #60-Case Thomson shafts and four Thomson ball bushings. This design positively aligns and transfers baskets and is maintenance free. These important features distinguish this transferring device:

  • Centered over the top of the baskets instead of on their sides, it provides better alignment during transfer and has less wear
  • Mounted overhead and out of the way, it allows better access to tanks for servicing than do side-arm pushers. Since it is mounted overhead, the assembly is not exposed to chemical spillage or splashing.
  • Assembled as a single unit, it has none of the usual problems you find in side arm pushers, conveyors, and other complicated mechanical assemblies.
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