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Belt Conveyor Spray Washers Overview

Jenfab offers several standard models of Belt Conveyor Spray Washers sized to meet almost every spray cleaning application. These inline parts washers use environmentally safe aqueous cleaning solutions for parts cleaning operations to remove chips, oils, coolants and buffing compound from machined parts, plastic parts and stampings.

The Compact Mini Belt model is designed for in line feeding directly from stamping presses and CNC machines and are well suited for automatic loading using pick and place Robots. The Mid Size Belt and Large Belt models are designed for applications including high volume appliance and automotive parts washing. A standard conveyor belt cleaning system is offered with cycles for wash, rinse, blow off or dry. More stations are added for additional rinsing, rust inhibiting, phosphate and seal. High efficiency “in tank” maintenance free pumps are used to spray cleaning solution on the parts, and powerful blow off systems remove excess water. Drying systems are available to provide completely dry parts and for spot free drying applications.

Jenfab conveyor washers have design features that allow us to custom tailor the specifications to our customer’s requirements. Zone length, width, height, along with pump size and heat size and type as well as single and multiple lanes can all be tailored to suit the customer’s application.

Click here for a description of all of our belt conveyor spray washers.

Fluid Level control system
Vertical pumps
304 Stainless Steel Construction
Electric heating systems
  • Oil removal systems
  • Filtering systems
  • Automatic detergent dosing systems
  • Programmable heating timer
  • Insulation packages
  • Gas and steam heat options
  • Variable speed drive
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