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Drum & Belt Combination Spray Washers

The Best Rotary Drum Aqueous Cleaning, Degreasing, Passivating and Phosphate Machines for Over 50 Years

A combination belt and rotary drum parts washer cost less to purchase and operate than two separate belt conveyor and drum machines. This dual duty aqueous parts washer requires only one set of tanks sharing a common heating system. The spray wash and rinse systems share common pumps while the drying system shares a common heat source and blower.

  • More economical to operate and purchase than two separate Drum and Belt washers
  • Process two streams of parts Simultaneously
  • Large cost savings over two separate machines
  • 40% less floor space
  • Less energy costs for twice the production
  • Lower installation costs than two machines
  • Half the maintenance costs
  • Environmentally safe Aqueous Spray Cleaning and Degreasing
  • Phosphate / phosphate removal
  • Combination 42″ Rotary Drum and 24″ Belt Conveyor
  • 24″ Conveyor Belt spray washer cleans and dries baskets of small parts while 42″ Drum spray washer cleans and dries 25,000 lbs/hr of large cold headed parts.
  • Combination 23″ Rotary Drum and 18″ Belt Conveyor
  • Drum spray washer cleans and dries Aluminum and Brass
  • Hollow Tubular Rivets
  • Conveyor belt is used as a tote pan and box washer
  • Unit shown with Coalescing Oil Separator
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