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Monorail Part Washer

Jenfab manufactures various types of Monorail Industrial parts washers and metal finishing equipment including machines for pre-treatment, phosphate and Ultrasonic cleaning machines.

The Overhead Conveyor and Monorail Spray Washers are used for surface treatment and cleaning of large parts or multiple small parts hung on fixtures and hangers. Parts are transported through the various spray cleaning, rinsing and spray phosphate stations. Jenfab’s Super Dryer saves 50% floor space by recirculating a high volume of heated air at low temperature to thoroughly dry even complex shaped parts.

The overhead conveyor design is ideal for ultrasonic cleaning of small and large parts. Parts usually pass through a pre-wash spray station prior to entering the ultrasonic cleaning tank, after ultrasonic cleaning the parts pass through a spray rinse and drying station.

Closed Loop or Straight Line
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Energy Efficient Recirculating Hot Air Convection Dryers
Spot Free Drying
Maintenance Free In-Tank Seal-Less Pump
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