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Oscillating Industrial Spray Parts Washer

The Jenfab Oscillating Parts Washer (OPW) is an ergonomically designed Front Loading Cabinet Spray Washer. This Jenfab innovating parts cleaning system is designed for use in work cells in lean manufacturing environments or as a standalone parts washer for batch type cleaning. The Oscillating Parts Washer removes machining oils and chips from parts by continually moving the parts back and forth through a powerful overlapping spray cleaning system.

Floor Space:36" W x 72" D x 89" H
Load Height:42"
Tank Volume:110 gallons wash -or- 55 gallons each for wash/rinse version
Work Envelope:24" W x 18" D x 12" H
Pump Volume:40 GPM @ 40PSI with SS Bag Filter
Air Knives:Self Generated
Level Control:Float Type with Solenoid
Oscillator:Variable Speed
PLC Controlled
480 Volts 3 Phase 60 Cycle
24 Volt Control System
Up to 60 Loads per Hour
Stainless Steel Tanks & Pumps
Polished Stainless Steel Housing
All Piping is Stainless Steel or Non-metallic
Easy Lift Out Chip Collection Baskets
Fork Lift Pockets
Quiet Operation
  • Rinse tank with heat and 40 GPM pump
  • Final fresh water or DI rinse
  • High temperature heat package with tank insulation
  • Pressure blower with stainless air knives
  • Energy efficient re-circulating hot air drying system for 100% guaranteed dry parts
  • Automatic basket discharge to left
  • Other voltages
  • Full enclosure of polished stainless steel
  • Flow meter
  • Chip collection/strainer baskets
  • Disc, belt & coalescing oil separators
  • Machine casters
  • Quick disconnect for utilities
  • Large models available
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