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Vertical Agitation Parts Washer with Basket Rotation

JENFAB Vertical Agitation Parts Washers are available with basket rotation.

Vertical Agitation with basket rotation produces the best possible action for cleaning cup shaped parts, blind holed parts and machined parts with complex geometries. As baskets rotate they are plunged into a solution by the vertical agitation mechanism. This fills all blind holes and passages in complex shaped parts such as cleaning hydraulic valve bodies and screw machine parts. Chips and oils are continuously flushed away as the parts are continually filled with a solution, emptied and refilled.

Baskets are raised and rotated to drain solution before being transferred to the next tank; this drain cycle reduces chemical costs and prolongs bath life. Rinse water usage is minimized and, with the use of multiple rinse tanks, the aqueous parts washer operates with near zero discharge.

Rotation combined with Vertical Agitation produces the most powerful cleaning action.

  • Cleans better than solvent systems
  • Environmentally safe - No VOC's
  • Complete chip removal
  • Powerful submerged spray blasts parts clean and collects all chips and fines in easily cleanable filters
  • JENFAB’s unique rotating, recirculating hot air convection dryer assures complete dryness and spot-free parts
  • Precision Cleans and Dries 90 Baskets/hr.
  • Uses less than one gallon per minute of fresh water
  • Vertical agitation and basket rotation
  • Submerged spray with automatic chip removal
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Oil separation and removal
  • Ultra filtration
  • Closed loop material handling system
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