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Vertical Agitation Parts Washers Overview

Building the Best Vertical Agitation Immersion Parts Cleaners Since 1960

Jenfab Vertical Agitation Parts Washers oscillate parts up and down in solution and are ideal for both in line cleaning and as standalone cellular parts washers.

Vertical Agitation Parts Washers clean parts by dipping or rotating in various cleaning solutions and include one or more aqueous cleaning and rinse tanks. The best cleaning results are obtained when both the parts and solution are agitated: this action purges the parts with solution and is ideal for removing oils, chips, buffing and lapping compounds and grinding swarth. Ultrasonic cleaning is incorporated to meet precision part cleaning specifications.

The Vertical Agitation system is a fully automated agitation immersion cleaning machine designed to process standard size baskets from 12 x 18 x 6 up to 18 x 18 x 12. The vertical agitation is available with multiple tanks for aqueous cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, rust proof and drying. This compact machine can be used for inline cleaning or as a standalone part washer.

The Vertical Agitation system automatically transports baskets through two, three, or more aqueous cleaning tanks and dryers without an operator required. Environmentally safe aqueous cleaning solutions allow the Vertical Agitation system to eliminate tons of VOC’s per year yet clean better than solvent based systems.

This multi-station industrial parts washer automatically loads baskets fed from conveyors for inline parts cleaning. The Vertical Agitation system is also ideal as a central part washer or for cellular and batch type parts cleaning operations in lean manufacturing environments.

Aqueous Cleaning Technology is combined with ultrasonic cleaning to meet precision cleaning and critical cleaning requirements. Precision part cleaning applications for medical device cleaning, fuel system and injector cleaning and ABS component parts cleaning are typical.

Jenfab has manufactured Vertical Agitation Immersion Parts Washers for nearly 50 years. Options including basket rotation in each tank and dryer, submerged spray under solution and Ultrasonic Cleaning make the vertical agitation the most versatile agitation immersion parts washing machine available.

These machines are used for cleaning aircraft and automotive engine components, screw machine parts, automotive parts, medical device cleaning including Orthopedic implant cleaning, fine blanking, and aerospace components. The Jenfab drying system incorporates a recirculating air system to speed drying and reduce energy consumption. Spot free drying and HEPA air filtration are available.

The Vertical Agitation® is a small foot print Industrial Aqueous Parts Washer designed to process 10 to 60 baskets per hour in only 5′ x 14′ of floor space. All wetted components are fabricated from precision laser cut stainless steel. The machine is completely enclosed in polished stainless steel panels with quick opening access doors for ease of maintenance.

The Three Tank Vertical Agitation Inline Parts Washer cleans up to 60 baskets per hour with agitation and up to 30 baskets per hour with agitation and basket rotation, all in a small 5′ x 13′-6″ foot print. Parts go through a wash tank, a rinse tank, and a second rinse and are dried at low temperature in Jenfab’s Super Dryer.

How It Works

Vertical agitation uses the natural cleaning power of water combined with aqueous cleaning solutions and the hydrokinetic energy developed when parts are agitated up and down in solutions. Vertical agitation produces a natural hydraulic purging action that flushes chips and oils from parts. Adding basket rotation in each tank ensures thorough cleaning of complex shaped parts and parts with deep blind holes.

An available basket tracking program follows each basket through each step of the cleaning process. The programming allows extremely delicate and fragile parts to agitate only without basket rotation while providing rotation for more difficult parts. This allows delicate parts to be cleaned in the same machine as parts requiring more vigorous action with rotation.

Another available feature allows ferrous and non-ferrous parts to run simultaneously in the same machine by using additional cleaning tanks and a tank skipping program. Steel parts can be cleaned and rinsed then dipped into a rust prevent solution and dried while aluminum, brass and stainless parts will be cleaned and rinsed and skip the rust prevent dip. This multi tank parts cleaning system uses 80% less water than spray and immersion-cabinet style systems.

  • Stainless steel construction for all wetted parts
  • Polished stainless steel machine enclosure
  • Tanks: Stainless steel 90 gallons (each)
  • Basket size: 18 x 18 x 18” for non-rotation machines
  • Basket size: 12 x 18 x 8" for machines with rotation
  • Software for multiple process cycles and diagnostics
  • Insulated tanks and dryers
  • Conical bottom tanks for complete chip removal
  • Rotating basket dryer available
  • Spot-free drying
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic operation
  • One day run-off with chemistry prior to shipping
    • Ultrasonic Cleaning: 20 kHz, 25 kHz, 40 kHz
    • HEPA Filtration for Dryer Air
    • Marine Type Clean Out Doors
    • Automatic Chemical Control Systems
    • Continuous Chip Removal and Collection
    • Coalescing Oil Separation Systems
    • Micron and Sub-Micron Filtration
    • Ultra-Filtration DI & Reverse Osmosis Systems
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