Jenfab has one of the most experienced engineering groups and some of the most  skilled workers in the industry. As a result, we have designed and manufactured many of the sophisticated and efficient washing systems still operating in the industry today. From fully automated systems to one-of-a-kind systems, we are able to meet your needs. Take a look at some of the following examples of our work:


Industry: Oil and Gas
Application: Down Hole Oil Field Pump/Motors


This company is a leading renting, leasing and rebuilding supplier of down hole oil field pump/motors. The parts are heavily soiled with oils and solids. The customer was cleaning rotors and stators separately with a hot water pressure washer and detergent.

Now, they use a safer, more efficient automated washing system custom designed by Jenfab. This has drastically reduced labor, water and detergent costs as well as injuries due to a slick, wet floor.

This design can be used in a wide range of cleaning applications where inside and outside cleaning of long parts is needed.


Industry: Printing and packaging
Application: Cleaning Ink from Analox Rolls


Jenfab was approached to design and manufacture an anilox roll cleaning system for an industry leading printing company. The company was using soda blasting as a means of cleaning the ink from the anilox rolls that are used in printing. Over time, the soda blasting operation degrades the rolls and the print quality is compromised. Our task was to improve their print quality and reduce their operating costs by cleaning out dried ink, coatings and adhesives from their printing and coating rollers.

Jenfab’s solution was a custom designed, heavy-duty turnkey anilox roll cleaning system that washes, high-pressure rinses and dries each part. This is achieved by using an indexing spray head and part rotation to completely clean the rolls. The system is also adjustable for different roll lengths and diameters.


Industry: Pharmaceutical
Application: Glassware Cleaning System


This company is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceuticals here is the US. Jenfab was asked to design and manufacture a glassware cleaning system to wash beakers, flasks, volumetric cylinders and other glassware used in the lab and pharmaceutical manufacturing process. The glassware needed to be washed, rinsed, DI rinsed, sanitized and dried. The washer also needed to be wall mounted for ease of operation and wash down proof for cleanliness purposes.

Jenfab’s solution was a custom designed glassware cleaning system that utilized a removable racking system for easy loading and unloading of the glasswear. It was critical to completely wash, rinse, sanitize and dry the inside and the outside of the glassware. Therefore, the rack itself was used as the spraying mechanism. The racks are simply rolled into the washer via custom cart, pressed into the fluid transfer mechanism, the door closed and the cycle begins.


Industry: Industrial Manufacturing
Application: Threaded Rod and Worm Gear Manufacturing


This company is a leading manufacturer of threaded rod and worm gears used worldwide. Jenfab was asked to design and manufacture a washing system that would completely wash, rinse, and dry the customer’s parts at a rate of 150 parts per hour. The parts ranged from 48” to 13’ long and ranged between 0.140” to 1” in diameter. To completely wash rinse and dry the parts, they had to be turned during the cleaning cycle.

Jenfab’s solution was a custom designed horizontal transferring top load parts  washer with a custom roller system that turned the parts as the wash, rinse and blow off manifolds traveled back and forth horizontally across each piece. The entire cleaning cycle took a total of 10 minutes.