Parts Washers For The Automotive Industry – Automotive parts washers are necessary due to vehicle engines becoming dirty and grimy over time. Also, automobile engine components are exposed to several types of contaminants, which can contribute to energy inefficiency and degradation of functionality. So what are some of the most effective parts washers for automotive industries to help with these issues? 

Mini Belt Washers 

The mini belt spray washer is a compact energy efficient parts cleaning machine. The smaller washer provides a simple to use and low maintenance option that is beneficial to the automotive industry. Designed for in-line cleaning of machined parts, stampings, cold headed and deep drawn parts. The mini belt washer offers up to three tanks for washing, rinsing and rust proofing. Additionally, the energy efficient dryer incorporates a regenerative blow off with stainless steel air knives. To benefit your automotive industry more, consider additional options for better quality cleaning. Some of these additional applications include:

  • In-line Filtration
  • Chip Baskets 
  • Longer Tanks
  • Incline Belt and Immersion Spray Wash
  • Programmable Controllers 

Vertical Chain Conveyor Washer

A challenge for automotive industries is to effectively remove chips, fines and coolant from valve covers and completely dry parts while also meeting stringent Millipore specifications on a machine with a small footprint. However, automotive industries are able to utilize this washer with front loading and unloading, variable indexing cycles and dual bag filters at each station. The parts index into immersion tanks with turbulence cleaning as well as rinse and rust inhabitant baths that all with submerged high volume direct sprays for chip removal. Also, a fresh filtered solution spray will be used to finish prior to a complete energy efficient drying cycle with recirculated air. 

The vertical chain conveyor washer is ideal for one piece at a time inline parts washing combining both spray washing and agitated immersion cleaning with part drying in one small footprint. This machine doesn’t take up too much floor space and takes advantage of a vertical conveyor movement. These immersion cleaning machines are ideal for ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing for precision cleaning requirements. 

Large Rotary Drum Washer 

This is a highly effective and heavy duty washer with an energy efficient modular design. This machine saves facility floor space as well as thousands of dollars per year in energy costs.The most beneficial components are they thoroughly clean and dry delicate battery cans, deep drawn and automotive stampings, machined parts, fasteners, tubular rivets and automotive castings without damage. 

A challenge automotive industries face is to remove stamping oil from drawn components, processing 100 cubic feet per hour without denting or damaging parts. However, this machine will not mix or damage parts and finishes the cleaning cycles with a spot-free dry.