Water based cleaners with no solvent additives have become increasingly popular for repair and maintenance parts cleaning. This cleaning solution offers quality parts washing that also provides a safe and productive work environment. Water based cleaners and correlating aqueous washers are a viable alternative to mineral spirits used in repair and maintenance parts cleaning operations. Learn more about water based cleaners and the different aqueous machines available for an effective parts cleaning process.  

The Problem With Solvents For Parts Cleaning

Mineral spirits and petroleum solvents are commonly used in parts cleaners but several business have searched for an alternative due to the toxic components. The mineral spirits are also known as VOCs that create a hazardous environment for workers. The risks can range depending on how much of the chemicals are in the air and how long the person is exposed to it. According to Minnesota Department Of Health, Breathing low levels of VOCs for long periods of time may increase some people’s risk of health problems. These are much different exposures than occupational exposures to VOCs which can cause even higher risks due to longer exposure. Each chemical has its own toxicity and potential for causing different health effects such as headaches and dizziness for short-term exposure and cancer, liver damage and kidney damage for long-term exposure. 

What Do Aqueous Cleaning Solutions Offer?

Water based cleaners offer a safer environment as well as a quality clean that exceeds specific regulations. According to United States Environmental Protection Agency, aqueous cleaners are water-based solutions that, unlike petroleum based solvents, are typically nonflammable and contain little or no VOCs. Instead of dissolving grease and solids, aqueous cleaners rely on heat, agitation, and soap action to break dirt into smaller particles. Although they clean differently, aqueous cleaners perform as well as solvents. A lot of businesses have switched to aqueous cleaners because it provides a safer work environment and the disposal process is simpler and less hazardous than other solvents and mineral spirits. Aqueous cleaning solutions have a higher start-up cost but save money overall with effective cleaning, improved productivity and an easy disposal process. 

Water Based Cleaning Systems 

Aqueous cleaning has provided facilities with a safer environment and the washers that utilize this solution offer efficiency and productivity. To find the best aqueous cleaning system to fit your specific parts washing needs, take a look at the few following aqueous parts washers: 

Conveyor Washers– Belt conveyor spray washers have design features that allow for custom specifications such as zone length, width, height, along with pump size, heat size and type as well as single and multiple lanes can all be tailored to suit the customer’s application. With different sizes and designs like mini belt washers, mid-size and large belt washers, you can get the size you need as the machines offer the standard cycles of wash, rinse and blow off or dry as well the ability to add other custom applications to fit your specific needs. 

Rotary Basket Washers– With the combined technique of immersion and spray cleaning, you’ll be able to meet industrial parts washing requirements as well as critical cleaning and precision cleaning specifications. This ergonomic front loading parts washer cleans parts in baskets or fixtures by rotating, spraying and spraying under immersion. After the cleaning cycle, parts are completely dried in minimal time with unique energy efficient dryer design. 

Rotary Drum Washers These washers are ideal for either batch feed or in line parts washing with continuous feeding from various machining including stamping, screw machine, cold heading, die cast, grinding etc. Parts are cleaned by a dual action process that combines a powerful spray cleaning for scrubbing the exterior surfaces and by total immersion cleaning parts under solution that flushes the inside of hollow and tubular parts. Each drum is custom designed for the parts allowing even delicate screw machine parts with exterior threads to be processed without damage. All components are precision laser cut for precise fit. 

Vertical Agitation Washers– These washers clean parts by dipping or rotating in various cleaning solutions and include one or more aqueous cleaning and rinse tanks. The best cleaning results are obtained when both the parts and the solution are agitated: this action purges the parts with solution and is ideal for removing oils, chips, buffing, lamping compounds and grinding swarth. Ultrasonic cleaning is incorporated to meet precision part cleaning specifications. Aqueous cleaning technology is combined with ultrasonic cleaning to meet precision cleaning and critical cleaning requirements.