Strict guidelines are in place for the manufacturing and maintenance of aerospace parts. For safety’s sake, this is an excellent thing. As a parts manufacturer, this can make effectively producing and shipping items especially difficult. In order to complete these tasks in a streamlined manor, while complying with all regulations, we offer a range of water cleaning systems for aerospace parts. Continue reading and learn about the power, capabilities, and positive impact that Jenfab water cleaning systems have on the aerospace industry.


As the aerospace industry continues to grow, parts become more complex, composed of different materials and new shapes and designs evolve. Water cleaning systems from Jenfab provide high quality cleaning results that meet all Milligram and Millipore specifications. You can count on theses cleaning results time and time again; assuring that items leaving your factory are properly prepared for use.


In addition to regulations regarding the cleaning process, there are also strict compliance laws in place to protect health, safety, and the environment. In result, water cleaning systems meeting the cleanliness standards alone will not get the job done. Our Jenfab machines are carefully built to meet all health and environmental regulations.

Heat Treat Washer

Aerospace fasteners and rivets coming from a vacuum furnace are often in need of cleaning. Replacing the need for a solvent degreaser system, Jenfab water cleaning systems, VA Immersion Parts Washer, uses a heavy duty Vertical Agitation with high volume filtration. Parts go through an immersion wash and rinse with high volume spray, and then dried with an energy efficient warm-air dryer. Automatic load, transfer and unload through tanks that handle up to 1,500lb loads every 12-15 minutes allows for maximum efficiency and a streamlined process.

Precision Cellular Cleaning

Equally important as a proper wash, is a final rust prevention treatment and drying of aircraft bearings that meet the strict Milligram and Millipore specifications. With water cleaning systems such as the LeanClean 360-1 Sonic Rotating Basket Washer, Jenfab’s unique basket rocking feature allows oscillation from side to side for a more aggressive, ultrasonic cleaning. This machine greatly decreases the amount of delays, and boosts overall process speed.

Water Cleaning Systems | JENFAB Aqueous Cleaning Systems

Aqueous cleaning provides several benefits with quality cleaning in a safer and more productive environment. It’s important to get the most out of our machines by benefiting from the various applications available, to provide you with the high quality cleaning your items need. To learn more about the best systems for your company, we encourage you to contact our team today!