Three Major Benefits Of Aqueous Cleaning – Advances in technology demand a higher quality for cleaner parts. Aqueous cleaning offers several benefits with a versatile selection of part washers and money saving options, making it an increasingly sought after solution. The aqueous parts washer can save money, increase productivity, provide quality clean parts as well a safer work environment. 

Safe Work Environment With Water Cleaning Systems

Aqueous cleaning products are water based cleaners that, unlike petroleum solvents, are nonflammable and nonhazardous. Petroleum and chlorinated solvents contain chemicals that may be toxic if inhaled and may increase the risk of cancer. Petroleum solvents evaporate quickly, making worker exposure difficult to control. Instead of dissolving grease, aqueous parts washer units utilize heat, pressurized water, soap action, and agitation to break up dirt and grease. They have the added benefits of minimal odors and no pollution which will benefit workers health as well the environment. They also minimize the risks and liability of toxic waste disposal, which in turn, reduces the risk of worker accidents while trying to dispose the chemicals. 

Save Money With Increased Productivity 

The initial start up cost can be more expensive for Aqueous cleaners but businesses can save money with reduced labor costs with increased productivity. Most machines are automatic so workers can focus on other tasks while the parts are being washed and dried. Reducing these labor costs will save more money in the long run while also maintaining a safe environment for workers. Also aqueous cleaning systems can also save money by providing clean and dry parts to the next process, eliminating component rejects and quality issues. 

Quality Clean Parts From Precision Cleaning 

Aqueous systems are designed to remove oils and solids . By using skimmers and filters cleaning solutions can last indefinitely if they are properly maintained. In all cases though, it is necessary to periodically add water and detergent formulations due to loss through evaporation, filtration and by being carried out on parts to maximize the extension of use. Some solvents can even leave grease and oil on the parts requiring them to be washed again but aqueous products clean them fully right away so the process doesn’t have to be repeated which loses time and money. Most aqueous machines also dry the parts so when they come out they are fully cleaned and ready to use. 

JenFab | Aqueous Cleaning Systems

We are parts washer manufacturers that believe in quality parts washing. JenFab’s comprehensive aqueous cleaning product line ranges from small-footprint cellular washes, to large, fully automated vertical agitation, belt washers, and rotation or spray-immersion washers. The washers can also be equipped with a wide variety of options, such as chip collection, chip removal, oil skimming or oil coalescing, and high volume filtration. The result is 100% clean and dry parts, with higher throughput than competing systems. 

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