Belt Conveyor Washer  – Your company has specific parts washing needs and so it’s important to ensure that you are getting the highest quality clean for the best price. If all you need is something smaller and compact for your specific materials and parts, it would be a waste of money and aqueous cleaning solutions to have a large machine for limited parts. This article will describe the different sizes of belt conveyor washers and what they can do to fit your company’s particular needs.

Mini Belt Conveyor Washer 

This is a more compact but energy efficient machine. Also, just because the aqueous parts washer is smaller, there are important qualities to look for to ensure your company is receiving the best clean. An effective washer of this size should possess the following qualities:

  • Designed for in-line cleaning of machined parts, stampings, cold headed and deep drawn parts.
  • Three tanks for washing, rinsing and rust proofing/sealing.
  • An energy efficient dryer that utilizes stainless steel air knives for a regenerative blow off.
  • Offer the right stainless steel washers for a long lasting machine that allows for lower maintenance.

Mid-Size Belt Conveyor Washer 

These washers are typically around 18″ to 24″ wide and offer the same drying and aqueous cleaning capabilities with a larger capacity for more parts. These washers also have the capabilities to add cycles for inhibiting, phosphate and seal. The machines are used to work as a cleaning and rinsing solution that recirculate and filter through chip strainer baskets to ensure a long bath life. Important qualities to look for in these systems are:

  • Micron filtration and oil removal systems including coalescing oil separators are standard options.
  • Dryer systems offer 100% dry parts.
  • Energy efficient recirculating hot air convection dryer saves 60% of the energy consumed by hot air blow offs.
  • seal-less type available for maintenance free option.
  • Components on the washer are easily removable for a simple maintenance routine and total system access.

Large Belt Conveyor Washer 

These wide conveyor surface belt sizes range from 30″ to 60″ wide for spray washing, large cast, machined parts and stampings. These machines are typically used in re-manufacturing and MRO operations for cleaning transmission housings, bearings, gears and components. Effective qualities to look for in the larger washers are:

  • Heavy duty industrial spray washers.
  • Maintenance free in tank seal less pumps.
  • Stainless steel wetted surfaces for longest life and very low maintenance.
  • Energy efficient recirculating hot air convection dryer saves 60% of the energy consumed by hot air blow offs.
  • Dryer system offers the parts will be 100% dry.

Components on the washers are easily removable for simple maintenance routines and complete system access