Spray Immersion Or Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment – Your facility needs thorough cleaning that can handle various parts as well as meet specific regulations and specifications. How do you choose what cleaning method will best suit your specific needs? There are several machines available that efficiently remove chips and soils while utilizing different cleaning methods. Two common systems are spray immersion and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Both provide different benefits but can also be combined for more thorough and precise cleaning. 

Spray Immersion Cleaning 

Immersion cleaning is the process by which the parts are positioned in the aqueous cleaning solution to thoroughly clean the entire surface of the parts. This process is preferred for parts that need to be placed in baskets and for procedures requiring certain time for soaking. This is an effective method for several aqueous cleaning washers with various temperatures. 

There are several washer models available that combine the power of immersion spray and ultrasonic cleaning. Vertical agitation washers are models that utilize spray immersion with aqueous cleaning solutions to provide effectively clean parts as well as incorporating ultrasonic cleaning for precision part cleaning specifications.The equipment produces a natural hydraulic purging action that flushes chips and oils from parts. 

These machines are especially beneficial for delicate parts cleaning. The immersion spray cleaning offers features for delicate parts with programming that allows these fragile parts without basket rotation for smoother rotation for more difficult parts. This allows delicate parts to be cleaned in the same machine as parts entailing more dynamic action with rotation. 

Another feature with this machine allows ferrous and non-ferrous parts to run simultaneously in the same machine by using additional cleaning tanks and tank skipping program. Steel parts can be cleaned, rinsed and then dipped into a rust prevention solution, while aluminum, brass and stainless parts will be cleaned and rinsed and skip the rust prevent dip.

Ultrasonic Cleaning 

Utlrasonic aqueous cleaning washers are ideal for facilities that need heavy duty industrial cleaning. The machines are engineered with high-intensity ultrasonic power for an effective and thorough clean. Machines like a rotary basket parts washerscombines immersion spray cleaning with available high-tec ultrasonics to meet industrial parts washing requirements as well critical cleaning and precision cleaning specifications. 

The cleaning cycle is followed by a combination of spray and immersion rinsing with available ultrasonic rinse and fresh water. Parts are completely dried quickly with and energy efficient dryer design. The baskets rotate in the aqueous solution as powerful underwater jets purge the parts with fresh filtered solution which flushes away all soils and chips continually. 

In conclusion, the best clean, for most parts cleaning needs, stem from immersion spray and ultrasonic cleaning working together. Spray immersion is beneficial for delicate parts and ultrasonic is most suitable for heavy duty parts cleaning.