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Aftermarket Shipping & Returns

You can order select aftermarket parts directly from our website under Spare Parts. When you place an order for aftermarket parts, you agree to pay the shipping rate as part of the final cost.

Shipping Policy

Please allow 1-3 days for your order to be processed for shipping. We try to fill online spare part orders as quickly as possible. Please be patient with our team as we process your order.

We ship our aftermarket parts to customers within the United States. Our facility is located in Springfield, MO. Keep in mind that if you are closer to our facility, you’ll likely receive your order faster than customers across the country.

We are not responsible for shipping carrier delays.

Return Policy

We accept returns on aftermarket parts if customers receive a defective, damaged or unusable item.

The customer pays to ship the item back to us. We will send them a new item at no extra cost and return the defective part to the original manufacturer.



Jenfab Cleaning Solutions
1435 N Alliance Ave
Springfield, MO 65802


If you have further questions or need assistance with your order, please reach out to us through our Contact form or send an email to

Note: The information on this page is only for the purchase of aftermarket parts. Our team will answer your shipping and delivery questions for custom parts washers after we begin working with you.