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Aerospace manufacturers and suppliers must meet stringent cleaning standards. Clean aerospace parts and components ensure that rockets, missiles, spacecraft, airplanes, jets and other aircraft run efficiently and safely.

Jenfab Cleaning Solutions designs custom parts washers for cleaning turbine blades, fasteners, rotors, stators and engines. With Jenfab, the sky’s the limit!

Aerospace Parts Cleaning Challenges

What Aerospace Customers Need

Aerospace customers face many challenging constraints within the industry. Customers need efficient solutions for the rigid limitations and cleaning requirements they must meet. We design aqueous parts washers to suit even the most complex aerospace parts cleaning applications.

Commonly Cleaned Components

Aerospace Parts Cleaning Systems

LeanClean 360

TL Top Load Spray Cabinet

Rotary Drum Parts Washer

How We Touch The Lives Of People

Impact of the Aviation & Aerospace Industry

Aerospace parts washers help make air travel and space exploration possible. Airplanes, helicopters and jets make the world a smaller place. They connect us to communities across the globe for trade, business opportunities, emergency and disaster relief, and personal travel.

Air travel lets us spend more time outside our immediate world, encouraging us to become more self-aware. Our capacity to understand and empathize with others grows when we can easily cross the skies.

Space shuttles and rockets take travel a step further. Spacecraft allow humanity to explore what lies beyond our atmosphere. Studying our solar system helps us answer fundamental questions about Earth and our place in the universe.

The aerospace industry positively impacts our economy and encourages relations with other nations. It creates jobs and new technologies while inspiring us to imagine possibilities beyond our present existence.

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