Jenfab Cleaning Solutions partners with you for the life of your aqueous cleaning system. First, we help you make an informed decision on which parts washer to integrate into your process. Then we lead you through guided discovery to adjust the parts washer’s design for your exact requirements.

Once designed, we support you throughout the lifecycle of your machine. We can help start the machine in the field or assess maintenance needs to extend its life. Reach out to us for support and repairs at any time.

Why Jenfab Cleaning Solutions?

We follow a tradition of excellence in everything we do.

In-House Manufacturing

Our engineering and fabrication teams design, cut, form, weld and paint our heavy duty parts washers at our facility. We are proud to deliver an American-made machine.

Complete Line of Systems

Our comprehensive product line and customization options meet customers’ needs across industries.

60+ years of experience

We know our stuff. We’ve been in business since 1960, and we continue to evolve as the industry changes.

Everyday Impact

We design machines that conserve precious resources, like energy and water, and assist companies who keep the world running. We measure our success by the way we touch people’s lives.

Custom Design & Engineering

A cookie-cutter approach doesn’t always apply to parts cleaning. Our custom design, engineering and fabrication services let us build cleaning systems tailored to your needs—exactly. Tell us what your aqueous parts washer needs to do. We’ll make it happen.

Partner with us to build a new custom machine.

Ask us to modify and existing model.

Test Washing & Lab

Apprehensive about aqueous cleaning? Don’t worry! Test wash your parts for free before committing to an aqueous cleaning system. We’ll send you a detailed soil analysis, so you can see just how well our aqueous parts washers perform.

Technical Support & Field Repairs

Continue your relationship with Jenfab post-purchase. We offer nationwide technical support and parts washer maintenance services to customers. When you reach out to us, you’re contacting a team that’s familiar with your company and machine.


Extend the life of an older machine by giving it some TLC. Jenfab will refurbish your used parts washers so you can get the most out of your machines. Reconditioning is a cost-effective way for customers to continue using their aqueous cleaning systems.

Connect With An Expert

We help you select or build the best parts washer for the job.