Manufacturing, Design, Repair, and More!

Jenfab’s unique integrated manufacturing process and our ability to manufacture everything in-house allows us to produce high-quality parts washers much quicker and more efficiently than the competition. Our 66,000 square-foot Springfield, Missouri manufacturing facility provides standard equipment for highly custom and fully automated systems.

The Jenfab team is dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding your expectations. We believe in attentive communication from quotation and shipment through installation, ongoing service, and preventative maintenance.

At Jenfab, we are focused on providing our customers with quality parts washers and on-time deliveries at competitive prices. We are Jenfab Cleaning Solutions and we are proud to be the best at what we do.

Jenfab provides a full range of services to best suit your needs. We’ll help you through the entire process. From getting your aqueous parts washer created all the way to working properly in your shop, we’re the experts. Our services include:


Engineering Expertise and Manufacturing

Jenfab has been the industry leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing aqueous parts washers for over 50 years. The highly skilled engineering staff uses state-of-the-art technology and software to ensure our equipment performs at a level unparalleled in the industry.

We partner with our customers to understand their applications, requirements, objectives and constraints. Then, we design custom aqueous parts washing equipment that provides a cost-effective and practical solution to meet these requirements.

Our control systems incorporate programmable logic controllers (PLCs), digital and analog communication, easy to use touch screens and controls and ethernet connectivity to allow easy troubleshooting with minimal downtime.

The experience of our mechanical design and engineering team allows us to offer an extensive line of standard equipment with proven track records as well as highly customized pieces of one-off equipment designed to meet the most stringent of cleanliness specifications. Jenfab will develop the right solution for your parts washing needs. As a leading aqueous parts washer manufacturer, we’re up for any challenge.

Free Testing Of Your Parts Washer Equipment

Being able to test clean parts before making a purchasing decision is critical to many of our customers. After all, you want to make sure your custom equipment works before taking it into your place of business. Jenfab’s advanced testing laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning and testing equipment that gives our customers the proof they need to make intelligent decisions. We’ll put any hesitation to rest by ensuring your products are working exactly as they should be – working efficiently and meeting sanitation and cleanliness requirements.

One of the services our test lab provides is a particle count analysis of the soils on your components both before and after test cleaning. A detailed report is then compiled with an exact particle count as well as the sizes of debris on your raw and Jenfab cleaned parts down to as small as 10um (microns). Jenfab also has the ability to determine the total molecular weight of the soils on your parts both before and after the parts have been processed and cleaned. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing our machines are the best in the business and will perform as needed.

This is a free service offered to any Jenfab customer that requests testing. 

Custom Design and Capabilities

Jenfab has one of the most experienced engineering groups and some of the most skilled workers in the industry. As a result, we have designed and manufactured many of the sophisticated and efficient aqueous parts washing systems still in use today. From fully automated systems to one-of-a-kind systems, we are able to meet your needs. We ensure the quality of your equipment, longevity, and efficiency no matter what your individual needs are.

We can create custom systems like the one we made for a large oil and gas company recently. Review our case study:

Industry: Oil and Gas
Application: Down Hole Oil Field Pump/Motors


This company is a leading renting, leasing and rebuilding supplier of downhole oil field pump/motors. The parts are heavily soiled with oils and solids. The customer was cleaning rotors and stators separately with a hot water pressure washer and detergent which was not optimal for safety, efficiency, or cost-effectiveness.

Now, with a customer design system from Jenfab Cleaning Solutions, they use a safer, more efficient automated washing system that was custom designed for theor specific needs. This has drastically reduced labor, water and detergent costs as well as injuries due to slick, wet floors.

This design can be used in a wide range of cleaning applications where inside and outside cleaning of long parts is needed.

Design Services

Do you need a good parts washer, but can’t find one that fits your needs?

No problem!

Our engineering department can provide you with custom design services to assist in creating the exact type of cleaning system that fits your unique needs. We can modify an existing model or start from scratch and build one that does exactly what you need it to do, even if it’s never been done before.

Contact us today and let us help design the right aqueous parts washer for you. If you can dream it, we can probably build it.

Fabrication Services

Jenfab’s fabrication capabilities include a variety of metal fabrication such as sheet metal cutting and forming; machining; MIG, TIG and arc welding of stainless and mild steels and finishing (painting, powder coating, and more).

Our highly skilled metal fabricators and welders have experience with both custom fabrication and high volume, repetitive parts. So, whatever your needs, we have the expertise to make it happen. 

Technical Services & Field Repairs

Jenfab provides nationwide technical support services. This includes: 

If you need a reliable, well-trained service technician to help support your system, contact us at (417) 866-8855, ext. 4001 or complete the service request form

Reconditioning and Refurbishing Your Equipment

Jenfab performs machine reconditioning service on used equipment. This can be an effective cost-savings measure for companies to redeploy their parts cleaning systems or refurbish them to “like new” condition.

Our recondition and refurbishing services include:

  • Replacement of worn or damaged components.
  • Changing and upgrading (replacement parts).
  • Repairing and repainting of fabricated components (structural elements, sheet metal, plumbing, etc.).
  • Testing, packaging, shipping.

If you are considering upgrading a used parts washer, contact Jenfab or speak to your regional sales manager for reconditioning options.