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Medical Devices

Doctors need medical devices to care for and save the lives of patients. Equipment and instruments enable medical professionals to diagnose and treat a range of health conditions, improving the quality of life for their patients and communities.

Residue and materials left on medical components could cause malfunctions or long-term health risks for patients. We customize medical device parts washers for critical and precision cleaning.

Medical Device Cleaning Challenges

What Medical Device Customers Need

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requires manufacturers to meet stringent requirements for medical device cleaning. Orthopedic implants with leftover contaminants could harm recipients once inserted into the body. Medical equipment could fail to function if not properly cleaned and dried.

Customers in this industry need medical device parts washers that remove all chips, shavings, pastes and lubes from fabrication. Often, these systems utilize ultrasonic cleaning technology to remove grease or reach fine detailing.

Commonly Cleaned Components

Medical Device Cleaning Systems

LeanClean 360

Dip Agitation Washer

How We Touch the Lives of People

Impact of the Medical Device Industry

Medical devices, instruments and supplies are necessary to save lives in the emergency room and promote better health at annual appointments. People also have access to home medical equipment to care for conditions. New technologies advance the healthcare industry and make our lives better.

Functioning medical equipment makes treating patients at hospitals and professional offices more efficient. In a hospital setting, quick timing and accurate readings are crucial. At general practitioner, dental and vision offices, professionals use various tools to take vitals, x-rays and images.

Clean medical devices help people maintain healthy lives in more ways than one. Many people walk around with medical implants inside their bodies. Implants replace body parts, help heal broken bones, deliver medication, support organs and regulate functions. These devices relieve chronic pain and stabilize patients after traumatic accidents.

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