Cleaning Compounds and Rust Inhibitors

A cleaning system is only as good as the compound it is paired with. At Jenfab, our team of experts can make a chemical recommendation based upon the application at hand and provide the chemicals alongside the equipment as a turnkey solution. 

Contact us today to discuss our chemistry products and how they might work with your existing applications. 

Chemistry Products

An array of items that cleaning compounds can keep spotless
AMS Cleaning Products

General and heavy duty cleaners designed for use with most alloys

AR Cleaning Products

General and heavy duty cleaners designed for use in automotive reman applications

Brass & Ammunition Cleaning Products

Acidic wash compound designed for cleaning and brightening brass

Corrosion Inhibitor Additives

Designed to inhibit rust on mild and carbon steels

Dephos Chemicals

Designed for use in fastener cleaning applications

Heavy Duty Cleaners

Designed for use with ferrous metals – built-in short-term rust inhibitors

Specialty Products

Specialty products designed for specific purposes

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Jenfab offers a full line of water-based cleaning compounds and rust inhibitors for different cleaning applications and part materials. Our offerings include:

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