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Custom Parts Washer Design Process

Jenfab Cleaning Solutions designs custom parts washers for our customers. Tough cleaning challenges are no match for us. Our experts can tackle any cleaning application. Have questions about our custom design capabilities? Learn more about our abilities and how our parts washers can meet your needs.

Designing A Parts Washer

When designing a parts washer for you, we consider the following factors:

  • Size of the parts
  • Number of parts
  • Geometry and profile of the parts
  • Soils
  • Cleanliness specifications
  • Workflow
  • Available facility space
  • Customer budget

We can customize the size and capacity of your parts washer, along with its specific features, materials and electric paneling. Our team can design parts washers for standalone cleaning or in-line feeding.

Oil skimmers, chip baskets, filters, tank insulation, dryers, and gas and steam heat options are a few examples of what we can customize on your machine.

Our experienced engineers at Jenfab work with you to design your parts washer. Once it’s time to build it, our in-house fabrication team will produce the components.

Designing and building a custom parts washer could take six to eight months on average. The timeline for your parts washer will depend on what you require.

Many of our customers require precision cleaning, which means meeting stringent industry standards. We have experience designing precision parts washers that meet micron particle counts and non-volatile residue tests for medical devices, aerospace parts and more.

Jenfab offers a free test washing service so you can see how clean your parts will be.

Ultrasonics help you achieve specialized cleaning. Ultrasonics are often used when precision cleaning is required or for parts with complex geometries, grooves and recesses. We can add ultrasonics to most custom parts washers.

Ultrasonics emit sound waves underwater. These sound waves affect water molecules, causing them to implode upon impact with parts. Each implosion sends a mini shockwave through the parts, which helps knock off soils.

Enclosed parts washers do wash, rinse and dry. Automatic parts washers can be designed for single-stage or multi-stage processes, depending on your needs.

Custom parts washers can wash, rinse, dry, apply inhibitors, passivate, and much more.

Generally, parts washers can hold 20 to 350 gallons or more of aqueous cleaning solution.

Custom aqueous parts washers can clean greasy motor parts effectively for new manufacturing and engine rebuilds. Review our automotive industry page to learn more about aqueous cleaning and car parts.

Jenfab’s team will help install your parts washer. We assist you with the initial setup at your facility. Our team will travel globally.

Custom Parts Washer Maintenance

Maintaining your parts washer will extend its life. We recommend that you regularly grease turntable bearings and zerk fittings, clean out nozzles and remove sludge buildup from the bottom of the tanks.

You can contact Jenfab for parts washer repairs and inspections. Our service technicians are happy to travel to your facility.

Yes. You can spray WD-40 where the aqueous cleaning solution is not touching. Check your chemistry safety sheet to see if your chemistry could be affected before trying.

Yes. Our service technicians can replace worn or damaged parts and perform preventative maintenance on your machine. We service Jenfab parts washers as well as those from other brands.

Our service team travels in the United States and Mexico. Request service support.

Choosing a Parts Washer

Several factors go into selecting a parts washer. Find out more about aqueous cleaning and how to choose a parts washer based on the components you’re cleaning, industry, budget and available space.

Buying Spare Parts

Do you need a replacement part for your machine? You can purchase aftermarket parts for your equipment on our website. Get information about ordering, shipping and making returns.

Talk To A Professionial

Get an aqueous parts washer made for your unique application.