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Jenfab Cleaning Solutions is always looking for individuals to join our team. Curious about where you could go once you start? Meet Jason. Follow his Jenfab journey from pallet builder to senior supervisor.

My name is Jason Tatum. I am a grateful recovering addict. I had been out of prison for a while before I found Jenfab Cleaning Solutions. I know the struggle of trying to start a new life and how hard it is to find a good company to give you a second chance. Jenfab is that company.

PALLET BUILDER INDUSTRIALELECTRICIAN FINAL LEAD SERVICE TECH I came to my job interview in August, almost ten years ago. I asked the president at that time to give me a shot. I told him that if he let me in the door, I would do the rest. I came on as a pallet builder and machine cleaner. I moved into a role as an industrial electrician. I had the opportunity to learn about the functions of the company and the equipment. I spent some time wiring and testing the machines that we make. After a few years, I became the supervisor of the electrical department. I joined the tech support group. I traveled to customers’ locations, fixed their equipment, and trained operators and maintenance personnel how to use and repair their equipment. I moved into tech support full-time as our customer service manager. I worked with customers one-on-one to keep their equipment running. We sell and service equipment worldwide. As I look back, it’s crazy to think that Jenfab put me in a position to be the face of the company and let me deal directly with our customers. I am just another recovering addict. CUSTOMERSERVICE MANAGER Another couple of years went by, and I came back to the shop floor as a shift supervisor. My current role is senior shop supervisor. I work with the team to make sure we give each customer the best piece of equipment and the best experience of buying, receiving and using their equipment. SHIFT SUPERVISOR SENIOR SHIFTSUPERVISOR

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Standard Positions

Jenfab has a variety of positions open at any given time. The following positions are examples of the job options we look for and will always need. Contact to inquire about the latest available positions.


Design and manufacture custom cleaning systems that meet customer specifications and cleaning standards while collaborating with a team.


Engineer Engineering Manager Logistics Manager VP Operations Assistant Engineering Manager


Fit, fabricate and assemble engineered projects while inspecting pieces throughout the process and fulfilling production needs.


Fabrication Apprentice Fabricator Assistant Team Lead Team Lead Shift Supervisor Quality Manager

Industrial Electrician

Build and wire all components and install all electrical assemblies to the customer’s specifications.


Industrial Electrician Final Lead Service Tech Service Manager Shift Supervisor Sr. Shift Supervisor

Industrial Painter

Mix paints and primer for spraying through an HVLP gun in addition to ordering paints and directing painting projects.


Equal Opportunity Employer

Jenfab Cleaning Solutions is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin.

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