Conveyor Belt Washers

Meet your spray cleaning match. Our standard conveyor belt spray washers remove chips, oils, coolants and buffing compounds from machined parts, plastic parts and stampings. Choose from our mini, mid-size or large models for your in-line aqueous cleaning operation.

Tailor your belt washer’s specifications for complex cleaning applications. We can customize the zone length, width, height, pump size, heat size and type, and number of lanes to provide the best conveyor belt cleaning solution for the job.

Mini belt washers

The compact, energy-efficient mini belt model is designed for in-line feeding directly from stamping presses and CNC machines. These conveyor belt parts washers are well-suited for automatic loading with pick and place robots.

Mid-Size Belt Washers

With belt sizes from 18″ to 24″ wide, these heavy-duty belt conveyor washers remove oils and chips using high-powered spray pumps. Standard models offer wash, rinse, blow-off or dry cycles. Inhibiting, phosphating and sealing stages can be added.

Large Belt Washers

Our large belt washers can be designed with 30″ to 60″ belt widths. These spray washing systems use environmentally safe aqueous solutions to remove oils and chips from large cast and machined parts and stampings.

Drum & Belt Combination Washers

Combination belt and rotary drum parts washers cost less to purchase and operate than two separate machines. Dual duty rotary drum and belt combo washers require only one set of tanks, which share a heating system. The spray wash and rinse systems share pumps while the dryers share a common heat source and blower.

Example Combinations

Rotary Drum
Belt Conveyor

Jenfab approaches all belt washers as custom projects. The specs shown here are illustrations of samples from each size category. These specs are used as examples and do not determine or limit your parts washer’s customization.

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Belt Washers

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