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Automotive parts manufacturers and remanufacturers advance American mobility by providing the components needed for cars, trucks, buses and semis. Personal vehicles and public transportation allow people to travel easily, and professional semi-trucks move goods across the country.

Jenfab’s automotive parts washers clean greasy, oily and dirty auto parts for new assembly or rebuilds. We customize automotive parts washers for your exact application.

Automotive Parts Cleaning Challenges

What Automotive Customers Need

Automotive parts cleaning needs vary depending on the customer. Vehicles are made with roughly 30,000 parts—from the engine to the last small screw. Motor vehicle part manufacturers, or OEM suppliers, need to clean large volumes of components before assembly or shipping.

Remanufacturing restores used auto parts to their former condition. Companies that work with aftermarket parts remanufacture them for future use. Cleaning engine parts for rebuilds and other components for renovation is necessary for the remanufacturing process.

Smaller aqueous parts washers benefit automotive service shops. Instead of manually cleaning parts in scrub tubs, maintenance shops can utilize parts washers to save time and cut costs.

Commonly Cleaned Components

Automotive Parts Cleaning Systems

LeanClean 360

Rotary Drum Parts Washer

Conveyor Belt Washer

How We Touch the Lives of People

Impact of the Automotive Industry

There is freedom in mobility. Vehicles let us travel easily and freely beyond our backyards and apartment buildings.

Since the first cars were sold to the masses, we’ve been traveling by a motor and four wheels to find employment, further our education, seek out healthcare and bring groceries home to our families.

Ninety-five percent of American households own a car. Personal and public transportation changed how we think about and navigate the world. The automotive industry opened the door for countless possibilities we now find normal.

One of those possibilities now supports the bulk of our supply chain. While cars and trucks take people to work and school, semi-truck drivers transport necessities across the country each day. In 2020, truck drivers hauled 72.5% of all domestic freight in the United States—or 10.23 billion tons of products.

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