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Custom CLEANING Design & Engineering

Achieve the clean you need. Get a machine made for your exact application. At Jenfab Cleaning Solutions, we design custom aqueous parts washers for manufacturers across industries. Our experienced engineering and mechanical design team partners with you to understand your objectives and meet the most stringent cleanliness standards.

You Name It, We’ll Make It

Custom Design Capabilities

Our custom cleaning solutions impact people every day. Custom aqueous parts washers keep your team safe and production moving efficiently. 

Finding a parts washer shouldn’t be a challenge. Our engineering team works with you to design a parts cleaning system that’s optimized for your requirements while remaining cost-effective and practical.

We Accept Any Challenge

Size constraints. Strict cleaning requirements. High production volumes. Bottlenecks. Complex part geometrics. Whatever your parts cleaning challenge is, leave it to us!

We design unique aqueous parts washers with multiple washing stages, ultrasonics, energy-efficient dryers and more. We can modify existing models or build you a one-of-a-kind system.

Empathetic Design Thinking

We focus on the person using the machine. How will the equipment fit into your workflow? What will employees be required to do? What are they doing now? We start with empathy to understand your needs and wants before beginning the design process.

Advanced Technology

Each parts washer includes a high-tech control system. Controls incorporate programmable logic controllers (PLCs), digital and analog communication, easy-to-use touch screens and ethernet connectivity.

An Expert Team Builds Your Machine

In-House Fabrication Services

Choose an American-made machine. Our engineers design your parts washer. Then our in-house fabricators and welders build it to your exact specifications. We craft mild or stainless steel machine components and put the final finish on every parts washer that leaves our facility.

Custom Cleaning Solutions

Change The Way You Clean

Your current parts cleaning setup isn’t working. Let’s change it. Custom cleaning solutions impact your company, customers and community every day.

Improve Cleaning Performance

Custom machines do exactly what they need to do: improve cleaning performance, increase efficiency and free up time for employees.

Keep Your Team Safe

Aqueous cleaning solutions emit little to no VOCs, which cause long-term health problems and pollute the air. Waste created from aqueous cleaning is also considered less toxic.

Make A Differece

People depend on your components and products to live comfortably, stay healthy and travel. Custom parts washers make it easier to clean your exact components effectively.

Talk To A Professionial

Get an aqueous parts washer made for your unique application.