The ammunition industry produces products for military and recreational use. Safety is top-of-mind when manufacturing shell casings and firearms. Ammunition components must meet cleanliness requirements to avoid misfires and other dangerous incidents.

Jenfab’s aqueous parts washers are customized to your application, whether you’re cleaning brass cases in large volumes or other components in batches.

Ammunition Cleaning Challenges

What Ammunition Customers Need

Chips, cutting oils, drawing lube, scale, tarnish and annealing marks are all contaminants that ammunition manufacturers encounter. Steel, brass and aluminum ammunition components must be cleaned multiple times during fabrication and again after production is complete. Cleaning brass shell casings, for example, often happens after every step of fabrication.

Commonly Cleaned Components

Ammunition Parts Cleaning Systems

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How We Touch The Lives Of People

Impact of the Ammunition Industry

Firearms and ammunition affect the armed forces of the United States and our country’s economy. Our military relies on these resources to defend our domestic communities and interests as well as those overseas.

Soldiers, marines, sailors and pilots depend on working ammunition to train and protect our country every day. These courageous individuals help us maintain our freedom, defend allies across the globe and keep the peace.

Through military and recreational use, firearms and ammunition move billions of dollars through our economy each year. Many jobs in metalworking, fabrication, retail and even printing are sustained by the industry.

Recreational hunting and shooting is a popular pastime for many Americans. Safe, well-made firearms and regular ammo cleaning allow hunters and sportsmen to enjoy their hobbies and share them with loved ones.

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