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Oil & Gas

Our world runs on oil and natural gas. Whether fracking, cleaning pipelines or manufacturing components for oil fields, those in the oil and gas industry rely on parts washers to save time and money.

Avoid expensive rework and clean large, heavily soiled parts with custom aqueous parts washers. Each of our cleaning systems is automatic and can be tailored to meet your most challenging applications.

Oil & Gas Parts Cleaning Challenges

What Oil & Gas Customers Need

Oil and gas companies need durable machines that can handle severe applications. Aggressive parts cleaning is necessary to remove heavy sludge, large oil deposits and petroleum residue from pigging tools, field pumps and related components.

Jenfab understands the importance of safety in the oil and gas industry. We make sure we have the proper training and resources to meet oil and gas industry safety standards.

With safety in mind, we design custom aqueous cleaning systems for the toughest applications. Take pipeline pigs, for example. Pipeline pigging maintains oil pipelines, improving line flow and reducing corrosion rates. After each use, cleaning heavily soiled pigs is a necessity. Powerful pig cleaning systems help companies use pipeline pigs again and again.

Commonly Cleaned Components

Oil & Gas Parts Cleaning Systems

PCS Front Load Spray Cabinet

Heavy-Duty Parts Washers

How We Touch the Lives of People

Impact of the GAS & OIL Industry

Our primary sources of energy are petroleum, natural gas and coal. Around 80% of the energy the United States uses comes from these sources. Oil and natural gas generate electricity and are refined for fuel. These resources fuel cars and airplanes, heat homes and businesses, power kitchen stoves and so much more.

Recently, U.S. dependence on foreign oil has declined. Greater energy independence results in more economic freedom as the U.S. can supply its own needs. Money once used to import foreign oil and energy can be invested back into the economy and into U.S.-owned energy producers and manufacturers.

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