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Experience, Expertise, Empathy

We have all the qualifications needed to help you design an aqueous parts washer that meets your needs.

The Company Takes Off

Our First Machine To Now

Jenfab Cleaning Solutions was founded in 1960—the year of Muhammad Ali’s first professional fight, Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” the establishment of the Dallas Cowboys and John F. Kennedy’s presidential election.

Our first machine was a cleaning system for rocket rails. (Did we mention the Space Race?) In 1962, our company was awarded a contract to manufacture shipping cradles for the fuel rails used in the Saturn V Missile.

How were these aluminum fuel rails going to be cleaned before shipping? At the time, cleaning metal parts with chlorinated solvents, such as mineral spirits (IFI) and trichloroethylene (TCE), was the standard. Yet because of the product’s nature, it was decided that an aqueous solution made of alkaline cleaner and water would be better.

Jenfab fabricated its first cleaning system for the missile’s fuel rails in 1963. After that project, the business shifted from welding fabrication to building aqueous parts washing systems. By 1967, Jenfab was primarily building parts washers.

Since then, Jenfab has continued to produce aqueous parts washers for customers that advance our country, like aerospace, ammunition, automotive and medical part manufacturers.

We’ve grown to be one of the largest and most innovative parts washer manufacturers in the United States. In 2013, JRI Industries merged with Jenfab to offer the most complete line of aqueous cleaning systems available today. For the next few years, the company was known as JRI/Jenfab. In 2019, we consolidated and became Jenfab Cleaning Solutions.

We Put People First

Company Culture

Our team-first attitude fosters an environment of support and safety at the individual, department and broader company levels. We’re proud of the machines we build and the talented team that makes them happen. We don’t judge based on past experiences; instead, we happily invite hard-working individuals to contribute to our team.

We measure our success by the way we touch the lives of people.

Captains of the Ship

Our Leadership Team

Leaders empower others to accomplish their goals and meet their full potential. Our leadership team works for our One Team and invites employees to the table. Everyone’s voice is considered mission critical. We ask for and appreciate employee feedback, which informs how we work, communicate, support customers and guide our company forward.

We are not afraid to steer into the storm. Bring us your tough challenges, and we will help find a way to make your project successful. We are here to joyfully serve the needs of people.

Where We Work

Our Facilities

Jenfab’s headquarters are in Springfield, Missouri, the “Queen City of the Ozarks.” Our team produces custom and standard machines on our state-of-the-art shop floor every day. Take a virtual peek behind the curtain at our 66,000 square foot facility.

Common Questions

Explore Our FAQS

We get many questions about the custom design process and how our machines work in light of manufacturing constraints and requirements. After all, purchasing an aqueous parts washer is an investment—one you want to work out perfectly.

If you have a question but aren’t ready to connect, review our FAQs to understand what partnering with Jenfab is like.

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