Choosing A Jenfab Parts Washer

Discover what aqueous cleaning is all about. Find answers to customers’ common questions about making the switch to aqueous parts cleaning. Reach out to our team when you’re ready to integrate an aqueous parts washer into your workflow. Our experts will help you select or design the best machine for your requirements.

About Aqueous Cleaning

How do you clean dirty metal parts? How do you clean oily metal parts? With an aqueous parts washer!

Aqueous parts washers clean just as effectively as solvent parts washers, if not better. The best way to clean parts is through aqueous cleaning, which eliminates the health and environmental hazards of using harsh solvent cleaners.

Aqueous cleaning solutions are typically nonflammable, less toxic and contain little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

An aqueous parts washer is a machine that cleans metal, glass or plastic components. Aqueous parts washers use a variety of cleaning techniques and water-based cleaning solutions to remove debris and residue from parts of all sizes.

Solvent cleaning involves using petroleum-based cleaners with mineral spirits, trichloroethane, trichloroethylene, benzene and xylene.

Petroleum solvents can be expensive and potentially dangerous to dispose of. They also pose workplace safety concerns when in operation. Petroleum solvents release toxic VOCs into the air and are highly flammable.

Yes, aqueous parts washers use water-based cleaning solutions—also known as chemistries.

Aqueous cleaning chemistries are mostly made of water. Depending on your application and goals, aqueous chemistries may contain various surfactants, builders, sequestering agents and inhibitors.

Aqueous parts washers harness the four factors of cleaning: time, temperature, agitation and chemistry. Heat and agitation aid the aqueous cleaning solution in removing soils. These factors can accelerate the cleaning process.

Cleaning solution flows through parts washers like this:

  1. Aqueous cleaning solution is housed in a tank.
  2. The solution is sprayed onto the parts.
  3. As the solution is sprayed, it is collected and filtered.
  4. Used solution is filtered and pumped back into the tank for reuse.

We combine a custom cleaning solution with other factors like time, temperature and mechanics to remove oil and grease from parts. Oil skimmers and coalescing systems can be added to any aqueous parts washer.

Selecting a Machine

There are many types of parts washers. They clean using high-pressure spray, immersion into solution, mechanical agitation or a combination of these techniques.

Jenfab Cleaning Solutions sells cabinet part washers, conveyor belt washers, rotary drum washers, heavy duty parts washers, vertical agitation washers, monorails and many more models. We also customize parts washers to your needs.

Yes! Share your constraints and cleanliness requirements with our team. We will guide you in your selection and recommend additional custom features if needed.

For your peace of mind, we test wash parts for free. Test washing lets you be sure the parts washer works as expected.

You should consider the size of the parts you need to clean, how many parts you need to clean and your specifications. Your budget, workflow and available floorspace also play into the type of machine that will work for you.

We develop parts washers that are easy to operate with minimal training. Our automatic parts washers include programmable logic controllers with touch screens and simple dials and buttons.

Startup costs for aqueous parts washers can be more expensive, but they pay for themselves over time. Customers save money on disposal costs and reduced labor.

Aqueous cleaning solutions typically last longer than solvent cleaners, reducing the materials customers must purchase on a regular basis.

Custom Parts Washers

Partner with our team to design and build a custom parts washer. We can design aqueous cleaning systems for your exact application. Discover how we work with customers to solve their parts cleaning challenges.

Buying Spare Parts

Do you need a replacement part for your machine? You can purchase aftermarket parts for your equipment on our website. Get information about ordering, shipping and making returns.

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