Aqueous Parts Washers

Aqueous parts washers combine water-based cleaning chemistries, heat and agitation to remove soils, and are much safer than typical petroleum-based solvents. Jenfab offers heavy-duty and light-duty industrial parts washers in addition to custom and precision cleaning systems. Request a quote today. Our team will help you design a custom parts washer that fits your needs.

Choosing Your Parts Washer

Take these details into consideration before selecting an aqueous parts washer.

The size of the part to clean How many parts to process Your cleanliness specifications The next step in manufacturing Your facility’s space and size

Conveyor Parts Washers

Need a high-volume aqueous cleaning system? Look no further than a conveyor parts washer for processing high volumes of small and large parts. Standard conveyor washers can wash, rinse, apply rust inhibitors or dry parts. Jenfab can modify machines to manually or automatically load parts onto the conveyor.

Rotary Drum Washers

Our rotary parts washer models can clean parts in batches or continuously. High volumes of ammunition, metal stamping and die casting components can move through multiple stages in a rotary drum washer. Our rotary basket washers accomplish precision cleaning for the aerospace, automotive and medical industries.

LeanClean 360 Parts Washers

The LeanClean 360 series brings immersion, spray cleaning and ultrasonics into one automatic, front-loading machine. These parts washers are perfect for high-volume batch, critical or precision cleaning. With 360-degree rotation, you can easily clean parts with blind holes and recesses.

Front-Load Parts Washers

Front-loading cabinet washers rotate parts on a turntable while spraying cleaning solution from all angles. The used cleaning solution is filtered and cycled back through the parts washer. These models are excellent choices for automotive manufacturers, service repair facilities and heavy equipment cleaning.

Top-Load Parts Washers

Are you cleaning parts by hand? Forget pressure washing, scrub tubs and manual cleaning. Compact, top-loading cabinet washers replace manual processes in commercial and industrial applications. Reduce cost and labor by automating your parts cleaning.

Additional Parts Washers

We offer numerous industrial washers to suit your application and facility. All of Jenfab’s standard models can be customized for your parts cleaning needs. Talk to our team about available sizes, multiple washing stages and other customizable options.

Talk To A Professional

Get an aqueous parts washer made for your unique application.